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Οργανωτική Επιτροπή Διεθνούς Φεστιβάλ Παραδοσιακών Xορών Νέας Αγχιάλου

Organization Comittee of Nea Anchialos International Folk Dance Festival

General Rules

  • On the festival may participate youth and adults folklore dance groups.

  • During the Festival each Group will have 3-4 performances which will be organized in Nea Anchialos

  • Each participant group is to participate in the Dance Group Parade (beginning from Nea Anchialos main square and ends at the performance area )

  • Each participant group is to participate in the Festival Opening Ceremony with one piece (no longer than 10 minutes). 

  • The rest of the days, the groups will perform from 15 to 20 min maximum.

  • Live music (orchestra will be appreciated) but CD will be also accepted.

  • The performances will be in the evening hours so you can plan the day ahead and use it for visiting the beauties of Nea Anchialos, Volos and Pelion, excursions or simply enjoying on the beach.

  • Each participant group receives a diploma and a memorable souvenir of the Festival.

  • Participant groups are invited to take part in workshops (master classes) with Greek specialists.