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Οργανωτική Επιτροπή Διεθνούς Φεστιβάλ Παραδοσιακών Xορών Νέας Αγχιάλου

Organization Comittee of Nea Anchialos International Folk Dance Festival


  • Festival participant groups are to submit printed materials to be used for the festival posters, booklets and catalogues design.

  • Also, please submit an official trailer 40 seconds and an additional video maximum 4 minutes from your ministry of tourism, in order to make presentation of your country during the festival, before your performance.

  • Each participant group is welcome to bring their video materials for sale and showcase their cultural uniqueness by participating in the fair-sale with arts and crafts products of their native region

  • In the end of the Festival, after the show, the Groups have gift exchange and receiving certificates.

  • Each group should bring the flag and sing of their country.

  • NOTE: Each group must send us the music for the performance by email, 10 days before the festival starts.